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Nesting Materials for Birds

**warning: graphic photos at the bottom of this post!

Bird rehabbers have been battling for years the idea of putting things like hair, string, yarn, etc…out as nesting material for birds. Another perfect example of why that is a horrible idea. Two mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) chicks brought to us last night. One dead, one alive (cat found them, but that is a whole different conversation). Tied together at the knee by some kind of string. Lower leg completely dead. Had to be euthanized for a few different reasons. By permit, any bird that has to have a leg amputated has to be euthanized. We have no say in that matter. One legged birds develop all kinds of problems. Yes, we have seen one legged birds in the wild too.

Bird nest made with various materials such as string, yarn, etc.

Anywho… If you must put something out as nesting material for birds, use grasses, hay, etc… makes a much better and safer solution. Plus it’s natural, and in most cases free!

Fun fact: the mockingbird is the state bird of Texas (1927), Florida (1927), Arkansas(1929), Tennessee (1934), Mississippi (1944), and is the former state bird of South Carolina (1939-1948).

Ducks, Ducks Everywhere!

Ducks, Ducks Everywhere!

Was just over a week ago we made a post about Easter animals. Well, it’s already begun. Two of these were surrendered unwanted gift pets (mallard and pekin), two others were found roaming around. Suspect released pets (pekin and crested [poof ball on head]).
Please do not buy animals as pets unless you know for certain that person actually wants one.

Pekin at Duck Care

Pekin at Duck Care

Let’s talk for a second about something that happens throughout the year. But even more so coming up in a few months. Easter and pet ducks. We have taken in a few lately from people that did not realize that ducks do not make good house pets… yes, indoor ducks.

Ducks are messy, eat a lot, and make noise. They poop a lot and love their water. They have a varied diet and can not just be fed “bird food”. We see a bunch every year with what is called “angel wing”.

Angel wing is caused by improper diet and causes the wings to form misshapen and they turn at the joint in the wing. This causes the bird to not be able to fly. Number one food that causes this is bread! Never feed ducks, geese, or other birds bread. 

Yes, we will be the first to admit that baby ducks are adorable. But what happens a lot is people get these ducks, realize after a couple of months that it was a bad choice, then they start frantically looking for a place to take their ducks to. You know all those nonnative ducks you see at your local parks, ponds, etc… 

Yep, those cool looking Muscovy ducks are not native to the US except for three counties in far south Texas. Everywhere else they are considered invasive. Pet ducks are to blame.

Long story short, get a chocolate duck!

Please Don’t Cut Down Those Trees!!!

Well baby season is already in full swing here in Texas. Already getting in squirrels, opossums, and owls. Yesterday we got in a female red phased screech owl and her eggs. She was hit with a chainsaw and could not be saved, all her eggs busted when the tree fell. Please remember that lots of animals use trees and they should be taken down in non breeding season.
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I Found a Baby Bird, Now What?

I Found a Baby Bird, Now What?

Baby season is starting up. We cover this with people every season. Please do not try and give food nor water to babies. They do not drink water.

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Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s hawk (Accipiter cooperii) that came in the other day. Broken wing and very thin. Cooper’s hawks are normally the hawks that come feed at people’s bird feeders. They have really adapted to city life.


Red-tailed Hawk Release

Was a happy release this morning. Got to return this adult male red-tailed hawk back where he came from. The homeowners found this guy in their yard and brought him to us on December 8th. He had an injured wing and was thin. The homeowners have been watching this guy and his mate for a few years. At the end of the video you can see the tree he heads to. After we stopped recording, we noticed the female was already in the tree he landed in. A happy reunion!

Great Horned Owl Release

A quick video on the release of a great-horned owl that came in December 30th, very thin and dehydrated.

Black Vulture Intake

Black vulture (Coragyps atratus) that we took in this evening. Very thin and has a broken right wing. Will get it to the vet for a second opinion on the break.

Fundraising for Cargo Trailer

Please help us reach our goal of $4500 to purchase a cargo trailer for the rescue!