Pekin at Duck Care

Let’s talk for a second about something that happens throughout the year. But even more so coming up in a few months. Easter and pet ducks. We have taken in a few lately from people that did not realize that ducks do not make good house pets… yes, indoor ducks.

Ducks are messy, eat a lot, and make noise. They poop a lot and love their water. They have a varied diet and can not just be fed “bird food”. We see a bunch every year with what is called “angel wing”.

Angel wing is caused by improper diet and causes the wings to form misshapen and they turn at the joint in the wing. This causes the bird to not be able to fly. Number one food that causes this is bread! Never feed ducks, geese, or other birds bread. 

Yes, we will be the first to admit that baby ducks are adorable. But what happens a lot is people get these ducks, realize after a couple of months that it was a bad choice, then they start frantically looking for a place to take their ducks to. You know all those nonnative ducks you see at your local parks, ponds, etc… 

Yep, those cool looking Muscovy ducks are not native to the US except for three counties in far south Texas. Everywhere else they are considered invasive. Pet ducks are to blame.

Long story short, get a chocolate duck!

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