You can help fund an incubator for NEWRR

You can help fund an incubator for NEWRR

We are super excited to announce that we are now permitted by the state of Texas to take in small mammals and bats. And as things always seem to work out, day after we got our official notice, we took in two baby squirrels and yesterday we took in 6 baby opossums!

One thing to help ensure the health of these babies is proper temperatures. An incubator designed for babies is a must. Keeping baby animals warm can be the difference between life and death — just one incubator can save the lives of hundreds of animals. Baby Warm is helping us get a lifesaving incubator for the baby animals in our care. There are two ways you can help us: make a tax-deductible donation and share this link. Even if you cannot donate, please share the link to your wall. The more people we reach, the quicker this can happen. We only have 30 days to reach our goal. We continue to do what we do through the generous help of our followers and dedicated volunteer team. Thank you for all your support!



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