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Caiman Intake 10/17/2022

Imprinted Deer Rescue

We have a new guest here at Nature’s Edge. Assisted a local game warden with a highly imprinted and malnourished female white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Deer was found as a fawn and given to somebody else as a “gift.” While an imprinted fawn seems like a cute pet, they can be very dangerous as adults. Their hooves are razor sharp and a male with antlers can do some serious damage, especially during breeding season.Please understand momma leaves her babies alone during the day to protect them from predators. Mom has an odor babies do not. Mom is close by watching. We make posts every year on how to tell if a fawn is truly in need of help. Please contact a rehabber if you find a fawn to discuss the situation.This girl will stay with us for now to see if we can wild her up enough for a safe release as well as get her to a proper body condition. Special thanks to Amethyst and Justin for their assistance with pick up and transport, and the use of their horse trailer. It took all 4 of us to safely move this gal.

Scentsy Fundraiser

Just a quick reminder about Mario’s Scentsy fundraiser. All proceeds are going to #NEWRR. In addition to regular orders, you can also join the Scentsy Club and ensure you never run out of your favorite products. If you would like to host your own party or want more information on how to become a consultant, send us a PM. Take a look at all the wonderful products Scentsy has to offer.…/fundraiser-for-newrr

Happy Friday!

The Truth about Wildlife Rehab

Okay I can not believe I even need to talk about this, but, due to recent phone calls and conversations I feel I must.
First off, rehabbing animals is NOT our job. Let me explain. Helping animals is what we do, but nobody pays us to do this. We actually pay for the privilege to help animals. We pay for the permits, food, medical supplies, heating, electricity, water, etc… Saying it’s a job would mean that somebody pays us to do this. There is no reimbursement from the state or feds for what we do. In fact, most rehabbers work a regular job besides rehabbing so that they can continue to rehab animals.
Second, we operate out of our home. Most rehabbers do. We can not afford a big rehab center. Wish we could. Most places that do have had said centers donated to them to operate out of. Operating out of ones home when it comes to caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife has it’s own unique set of challenges.
So to summarize, we operate off of our own back pockets, in kind donations, and sometimes we find small grants and other small projects such as education events to help offset costs.
So next time you call a rehabber and demand they come out to save an animal because “it’s their job”, please remember it’s not a job. It’s a passion to help animals in need due to human interactions. Don’t get mad at the rehabber and start yelling at them about how horrible of a person they are because they can not stop either working a job, helping somebody else with an injured animal, or caring for the animals already in their possession, to come and pick up an injured animal right in front of you.

Donations Needed!

Donations Needed!

We have been very busy with the rescue over the last 13 months. We took in over 650 animals in 2017 and have already taken in over 215 animals so far in 2018. Our intake numbers are up, but our donations are less than half what they were this time last year. Please consider donating to help care for the animals. We currently have 19 squirrels, 5 opossums, 4 cottontails, a baby fox, 10 birds of prey and over 50 snakes, lizards and amphibians we are caring for, not including all the education animals. We are spending $600 on food for birds of prey every 2-3 months and I just ordered $200 worth of formula for the baby mammals. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% of the money donated goes directly to animal care.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.


Honored and Humbled: NWRA Award

Honored and Humbled: NWRA Award

We were very honored, and shocked, to learn that we had been nominated for, and received the 2018 National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Marlys J. Bulander “Working Together for Wildlife Award” for our work during hurricane Harvey.
Our work during that time would not have been possible without our wonderful friends and supporters. Three trips to south Texas, lots of supplies, lots of late nights working on feeding babies.
A huge thank you goes out to everybody. We could not do what we do without your support!

Fox Squirrel Dreaming

This is one of our baby fox squirrels that we have had since it was less than a week old. What do you think this little one is dreaming about?

American Crow

American Crow

American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) that came into the rescue this weekend. Possible broken wing, dehydrated, and a little thin.

Very cool species of bird that will eat almost anything. From fruits and seeds, to insects, small lizards, eggs, and even other birds.

The origin of placing scarecrows in grain fields resulted from the crow’s incessant damaging and scavenging, although crows assist farmers by eating insects otherwise attracted to their crops.
These guys do pack one heck of a bite and have nice strong toes.

You can help fund an incubator for NEWRR

You can help fund an incubator for NEWRR

We are super excited to announce that we are now permitted by the state of Texas to take in small mammals and bats. And as things always seem to work out, day after we got our official notice, we took in two baby squirrels and yesterday we took in 6 baby opossums!

One thing to help ensure the health of these babies is proper temperatures. An incubator designed for babies is a must. Keeping baby animals warm can be the difference between life and death — just one incubator can save the lives of hundreds of animals. Baby Warm is helping us get a lifesaving incubator for the baby animals in our care. There are two ways you can help us: make a tax-deductible donation and share this link. Even if you cannot donate, please share the link to your wall. The more people we reach, the quicker this can happen. We only have 30 days to reach our goal. We continue to do what we do through the generous help of our followers and dedicated volunteer team. Thank you for all your support!