Red-tailed Hawk Illegally Shot

Red-tailed Hawk Illegally Shot

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Took in a female red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) that somebody shot in Hunt county. It is illegal to shoot migratory birds, except those with a hunting season during said season. This bird was shot in somebody’s yard, while their children were outside playing in the yard. Shooter pulled over and shot this bird with a rifle from the inside of their vehicle. Vehicle involved was identified but unfortunately no license plate information available. Information has been turned over to US Fish and Game, local Game Warden, and Sheriff’s office. 

A HUGE thank you goes out to the home owners and the Hunt County Scanner Facebook page and it’s owners for arranging to get this bird to us. It was an interesting night in the rain. Bird has been to our rehab vet and x-rays were done. We are optimistic this bird will make a full recovery and can be returned to the wild.

EDIT: For those wondering, the bird has a hood on its head to help keep it calm while we are examining it. Hoods are traditionally used for falconry birds, which is a cultural heritage that has been around more than 4,000 years, for that same reason. We have a wide variety of sizes, and these hoods are made a millimeter apart in size.

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