Tires for Trailer to Transport Wildlife from Houston to DFW

We are in need of some immediate help. A couple of weeks ago we were the target of vandals. They slashed all four tires on one of our vehicles as well as the rescue’s recently purchased trailer. The trailer was also sprayed with inappropriate graffiti (which is blurred out in the photo). Our vehicle insurance covered the cost of replacing the tires on our vehicle, minus our deductible, but the trailer is not covered by our vehicle or homeowner’s insurance.

We have been asked to go to the coast to help transport wildlife back to the DFW area. The wildlife rehabilitators and animal shelters are overwhelmed with animals and some rehabilitators have had their homes flooded so are having to place their animals with other rehabilitators. The animals will be brought back to the DFW area and distributed among the rehabilitators here in the area. We will take in as many as we can house as well.

So this is where we need your help. With the help of a great friend, Discount tire has agreed to replace the tires at cost, so $265. Since all four tires are flat, we will either have to buy a jack to change the tires ourselves or have the trailer towed which will cost around $135. So we need your help raising the money to replace the tires. Any amount raised over the $265 will go toward paying to have the trailer towed to Discount Tire. As for the graffiti, we will try to remove the offensive remarks and cover it as best we can for now. We will have to have it professionally removed at a later date.

If there are any funds raised over and above that, we will use that money to help with the cost of gas and to purchase supplies, like formula, syringes, nipples, cotton balls, white paper towels, baby blankets, extra caging, etc. We will also distribute some of those supplies to others that are taking in animals as well. If you have any of the above supplies (except formula as we use a special kind that can’t be purchased at the local stores) and would like to donate them to us, please contact us. Any donations can also be mailed to us at the address below.

PO Box 136012
Fort Worth, TX 76135…

Monetary donations can also be made via PayPal by clicking here.http://PayPal.Me/newr

Thank you all for your help in this urgent matter!

Mario and Brandi

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