94 Reptiles Transferred in SPCA Seizure

94 Reptiles Transferred in SPCA Seizure

The SPCA in Dallas, Texas, took in 421 animals from a home in Caldwell County, Texas, in February 2017. Of those animals, 94 reptiles were transferred to NEWRR. This included 78 snakes, 7 blue-tongued skinks, 4 aquatic turtles, 2 bearded dragons, 1 Cuban knight anole, 1 tegu and 1 Savannah monitor. This is the largest single intake we have had to date.

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Unfortunately none of the animals came with enclosures or accessories (lights, heat pads, water dishes, etc.), so we have had to purchase additional tubs and enclosures to house these animals. We have already spent over $700 for tubs, paper towels, mite treatment and other supplies. Several of the lizards have medical issues that will need to be addressed, like metabolic bone disease, and at least two of the snakes have upper respiratory infections. Medications, heat pads, water dishes, LOTS of paper towels, special bedding for some of the snakes that require high humidity, UVB lights, etc, will need to be purchased.

We breed our own rodents to feed the animals here at NEWRR, but with the addition of 78 snakes we will have to purchase food from a supplier and that will be expensive. We will also need to increase our purchase of other feeders including crickets, Dubia roaches, minnows and guppies.

Two additional turtle tanks will also need to be acquired to separately house two turtles that prefer to be alone. They are not aggressive, but will constantly harass other turtles they are housed with.

Please consider making a donation to help these animals in need. Any amount is appreciated. Donations can be made using the below link. We could not do this without you!

And as always, a big THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers who helped with transport as well as cleaning tubs and helping to get these animals set up for quarantine. Amethyst Roney, Justin Roney, Devin Hallman, Mark Pyle and Stephen Pruitt, y’all rock!

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